About the Book

Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair presents a comprehensive natural solution to chronic disorders including aging itself. Jay Glaser provides the tools, the motivation, and a simple step-by-step guide to the prevention and repair of the persistent disorders nearly everyone gets. In these pages you will be guided on a colorful, humorous, lyrical, but no-nonsense adventure in the self-repair of chronic problems including:

digestion                                       weight management
sexual function                              insomnia
memory                                        women’s health
arthritis and osteoporosis               vascular diseases

A Letter from the Author

You’ve made it to the web site of my book, Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair!

You and your loved ones are soon going to find yourselves in possession of completely refurbished human bodies.

This book has something for everyone:

  • For people who are still healthy: chapters on how to stay healthy and dodge the chronic disorders nearly everyone eventually gets
  • For people who are starting to feel specific effects of a life well lived: chapters on reversing aging and reversing specific chronic disorders
  • For people who have serious chronic disorders requiring medication: chapters on how you can better cope with your medical problems while following the good advice of your own doctors

I have loaded this book with my nearly forty years of experience of medical practice that integrates Vedic knowledge of chronic disorders with standard western medicine. Please check out the Table of Contents and a few chapters that may be relevant to you or your family. Count the number of disorders you may already have or to which you may be predisposed. See the Prologue describing the source of the knowledge I have included in the book. Enjoy the unique perspective of Deepak Chopra, MD in his warm and personal Introduction.

Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self Repair is now at Amazon.com, BN.com, local bookstores and natural food stores near you and available as an ebook.

Most importantly, please tell your friends and family to check out this web site and to pass on the news about the publication of Body Renewal to their own friends. The book is light reading and the prescriptions are easy, enjoyable, and for many of these stubborn problems, quick to bring noticeable results.

Happy reading,

Jay Glaser, MD