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To Danielle – Whose constant presence has brought the healing silence of Mother Divine onto every page


Above all, I owe my gratitude to His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. His refined awareness enabled him to revive on a practical level all the Vedic sciences, from Ayurveda to yoga, so that future generations in East and West might benefit from their full value. I feel fortunate to have been able to participate, in whatever small way, in his lifetime endeavor.

The ancient Vedic rishis are the fountainheads of this knowledge. I am grateful to those following in their footsteps, the dozens of Ayurvedic physicians who have presented to me their insights into this science in the context where it becomes indelible, in the examination room. My late father and surgeon Joseph Glaser, MD, inspired me by his example to study medicine and PJ Deshpande inspired me in 1972 to study Ayurveda as I assisted him in Ayurvedic surgery. Drs. Brihaspati Dev Triguna, the late VN Dwivedi, the late Balraj Maharshi, J.R. Raju, P. Subhedar, Harish Garge, N. Mhaiskar and Manohar Palakurthi have been generous clinical mentors. Prof. Michel Angot, PhD, translations and commentaries, has clarified the Sanskrit texts with his broad perspective.

I thank Maharaj Adhiraj Rajaraam for his supportive silence and for illuminating the human physiology in its cosmic dignity. John Hagelin, PhD has delineated the quantum physics of consciousness. R. Keith Wallace pioneered research into the neurophysiology of enlightenment. These three scientists have made important contributions to the growing understanding of the fictitious distinction between mind and body. Santosh and Shanta Krinsky, my publishers, have had the vision to recognize the importance of bringing Vedic knowledge to the public. Michael Dick has generously offered grammatical and content editing. Finally, my wife, Danielle, has patiently sustained me with her wisdom, perspective, silence and song.

About the Transliteration of Sanskrit Terms

The transliteration of the 64 Sanskrit characters is generally best accomplished using an established convention in order for a Sanskrit expression in the text to be clearly identified and pronounced. For the purpose of this book, however, I have opted to make the Sanskrit more approachable, using a spelling that is commonly recognized among students of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda or speakers of South Asian languages. Diacritical marks, except for some long vowels, have been omitted.